I have always appreciated the healing power of humor in my practice, not just for things that ail us, but for relationships.  We have to be able to see the humor and laugh at ourselves, and with our partners, in certain situations. Sex is no exception. One of the great joys in my career was the chance to author a humor book called “Sex From Aah to Zipper: A Delightful Glossary of Love, Lust and Laughter,” that is available in paperback, and that you can read for free, in part, on this Website.

I once had the opportunity to meet the very famous Woody Allen. This was before he made the hilarious movie Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) I can’t say whether anything he may have gotten from me in our random encounter influenced the movie, but everything in life leaves some kind of cosmic residue. And when it does, we only hope we can get it out of the bedsheets!   

One of today’s brightest comic stars is British comedian John Oliver, who got his start in American television by appearing on and then guest-hostingThe Daily Show with John Stewart.

Last Sunday’s episode of Oliver’s new show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver devoted a full 20 minutes to the subject of Sex Education in America, an uproarious segment that lampooned the many anomalies, hypocrisies and contradictions in how our fifty states teach, or fail to teach, adequate sex education to young people, both in the schools and at home.  In a twist of words: “If it wasn’t so funny, it would be very sad.” But by using humor, Oliver communicates something that might be awkward or difficult otherwise.

If you missed it, you owe it yourself to watch the video below, streamed right from YouTube.  To watch other videos on YouTube, I hope you’ll check out the latest additions to my own YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/RogerLibbySeattleSexTherapist