If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video worth thousands of illuminating pixels, then a Video FAQ that answers your most personal Frequently Asked Questions about sex and relationships is of value beyond measure. Such was the inspiration for this series of “straight talk” answers to important questions about sex and relationships. We’ll make the popcorn. You enjoy the movies!

– Sex Therapy Video FAQs
– Marriage & Couples Counseling Video FAQs

Q: What is sex therapy like?

Q: What is a board-certified sexologist?

Q: What is “Sex Positive” sex therapy?

Q: How can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy help?

Q: What if I’m afraid of getting sex therapy help?

Q: Why is sex and porn “addiction” not an addiction?

Q: Will watching Internet porn affect my sex life?

Q: Where is the humor in sex therapy?

Marriage and Couples Counseling Video FAQs

Q: What is Fast-Track Marriage and Couples Counseling?

Q: What is “Homework” in Couples Counseling?

Q: Does an affair doom a marriage?