15305Most couples have more and better sex on vacation—even if they are way for a lusty weekend. They can turn off their cell phones and their laptops, and focus on pleasuring each other.

Getting away often does wonders to your sex life. You can choose to relax, laugh and have orgasms galore! Making love outdoors is sometimes possible on vacation. I suggest a picnic lunch, a blanket and a roaring river as the perfect atmosphere for languishing, decadent sex. Moving water (not a faucet!) adds to erotic passion. The rapids with cresting white water and curious, appreciative bear and deer looking on make for a hot time engulfing each other with ecstatic pleasures of the flesh.

Same with the ocean. Waves of pleasure collaborate with ocean waves to encourage delicious sex-making. Undulating bodies, a warm breeze and birds overhead help create a holistic, succulent day or night.

If couples have a pretty good sex life anyway, vacation sex takes them to a higher pitch of mutual intimacy. If they haven’t had sex for months, and the sex is not very exciting, a vacation may help jump start their sex life, but it is not a panacea for poor chemistry, resentments or bodies that are tired from work, no exercise or poor sleep and diet.

No vacation will make up for unhealthy habits. If a person is on prescription drugs that detract from her/his desire and arousal, a vacation won’t change anything. Or if too much alcohol is consumed–which often is the case on vacation–sex will suffer along with the hangover.

Vacations should stimulate you to take a day or a few hours off of work to celebrate sex when you are not on vacation. The best idea is to not allow your priorities to shift back to an unbalanced life with work and children moving sexual intimacy down the totem pole.

I often hear from people that they don’t have a choice about all of this. This is blatantly false! We have more choices than we think we do. We simply give in to what others think we ought to be doing, rather than what we choose to do. If we make intelligent sexual choices and do a little time management to do so, we can have a rich and playful sex life on and off vacations.

Have you experienced better or more sex while on vacation? What strategies have you found successful in your relationship? I enjoy hearing about how couples get to the place where you are having terrific intimacy.