Dr. Roger Libby is a valuable resource for couples and parents. Often the stresses of life, marriage and childrearing become unmanageable or the many competing priorities overwhelm the best of us. Guiding a couple to reclaim their intimacy on solid ground can provide the needed foundation for good parenting and good decision-making. I highly recommend that couples seek the guidance of Dr. Libby.

Dana Dean DoeringChild and Adolescent Clinical Specialist and National Educational Consultant

The lecture was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. I would gladly recommend Roger Libby to any college programmer without hesitation.

Chuck RidgellLecture ChairSt. Mary’s CollegeMaryland

Dr. Roger Libby is a dynamic and charismatic lecturer whose engaging style captures the audience’s attention. He has an unsurpassed understanding about personal relationships and human sexuality. He’s not afraid to speak directly about taboo topics and has a modern approach to a difficult topic.

I have referred patients with pelvic floor dysfunction to him for counseling as an adjunct to physical therapy. Dr. Libby strives to find the root of the problem, whether ‘physical’ or ‘emotional,’ and he works alongside the patient, the patient’s significant other, and the entire healthcare team with a holistic approach. He is a vastly educated ‘team player’ who brings a wealth of information and insight.

Anne ButlerWomen’s Health Physical Therapist

Roger Libby is a provocative, humorous and authoritative lecturer on human sexuality.

Dr. Paul Gebhardformer DirectorThe Kinsey Institute for Sex Research and co-author of The Kinsey Reports (1948 and 1953)

Feedback received indicates that participants enjoyed the program and felt they gained new insights in the area of their own sexuality. We consider this a clear indicator of the effectiveness of the program. The information was presented with clarity and substance balanced with just the right amount of humor to relieve audience tension which helped them deal with an otherwise very delicate subject. Your openness and sincerity made the audience feel that you were very knowledgeable and credible.

Margaret WillStudent ActivitiesUniversity of Southern Colorado

Students have been buzzing about campus describing Roger Libby as ‘brilliant,’ ‘innovative’ and ‘down to earth.’ I could not agree more. I want to personally thank you for handling Sexual Awareness in a positive and pleasurable way. Your vision, coupled with your outstanding credentials, will certainly spread the message of Responsible Sex all over the country.

Rich NyankoriChairSexual Awareness Week, EmoryAtlanta, Georgia

I have long referred patients with sexual problems to Dr. Roger Libby, and I have found his treatment approaches to be effective and professional. His emphasis on the sexual issues that can be resolved, and he skillfully contributes to the holistic approach to achieve patient success.

Alice J. Coad Chapman, MA, ARNP

Let me say thanks once again for playing in Peoria! Your lecture was very informative AND entertaining. Your message was one that not only needed to be heard by Bradley students, but also all college students. Even two weeks later, I walked into one of my classes and overheard remarks about your lecture. People who didn’t go are not very regretful that they missed the opportunity to hear you. (I’ve had a hard time keeping your book in my possession. I’ve heard several people say they are looking forward to the bookstore getting it). We look forward to the chance of having you play in Peoria again!

Scott RandolfLecture ChairBradley University

As revealed by the laughter throughout your program, your humor was well taken. Adding that to your information and educational aaspects, you presented a fasinating lecture.

Ms. Lee MorenskiLecture ChairColby CollegeMaine

On behalf of The University of Mississippi Lecture Series, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation here at Ole Miss. Your message to our community was timely and valuable, and you delivered it in an engaging yet wholly professional way. I was impressed not only by your knowledge and expertise, but also by your concern and your stamina.

Professor Ronald A SchroederThe University of Mississippi