LibbyTeleTherapyDr. Roger Libby invites you to take part in an exclusive Sex Therapy and Couples Counseling program which offers unique advantages to singles and couples who either reside outside of our service area, or who would prefer the privacy, convenience and flexibility of tele-commuting to a therapy session via telephone or on-line.

The advantages of Tele-Therapy and Online Therapy sessions with Dr. Libby are many:

1. Expertise. Tele-Therapy appointments make it possible to work with Dr. Roger Libby, one of the top, board-certified sex therapists in the country, and a nationally respected sex counselor, author and research fellow. You’ll appreciate making progress with a sexology expert rather than mental health counselors who may attempt to do sex therapy, but who are not specifically trained or certified to do so.

2. Unmatched Convenience. Connect directly from your home by telephone or over your computer with a simple click.

3. Flexibility. Tele-Therapy appointments can be reserved for special hours, including evenings and weekends.

4. Privacy. Patients who want to keep their appointments a secret and away from prying eyes can use Tele-Therapy appointments to avoid being recognized in public.

5. Relaxing.  Travel can be stressful when traffic, congestion, using public transportation or filling up on gas is involved. You’ll feel more relaxed being able to communicate, safely and securely, from the comfort of your home.

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Yes, Dr. LibbyDr. Libby Makes “House Calls”  by Phone or visually over the Internet