seattlerainyseasonIs Seattle’s rainy Fall and Winter weather, making indoor sports all the more popular, an invitation to more frequent, more gratifying sex?

That all depends if you can find the time!

In today’s fast-paced world, the stars must align for people to make love. If virtually everything is not just right, sex often takes a back seat to worries and stress about work, children and about having a sex life to write about.

Chaos and attempts to fit sex in between doing the laundry and preparing for work make it feel like leisure time is not all that important when compared with obligatory tasks and paying bills.

If one of you is tired, stressed, had too much alcohol or food, lack sleep, feel useless and listless from a lack of exercise, or are engulfed in work and children, sex is not a top priority. We must prioritize sex for it to be high quality and reasonable quantity. There needs to be more and better sex—a sense of balance anyone?

What is high quality? This connotes languishing strokes of pure pleasure and seemingly timeless playful intimacy. Quality dictates imaginative rather than repetitive erotic fantasies as scripts for real life undulating in-the-flesh euphoria.

Playfulness is a star which needs to be aligned with sheer eroticism in order to experience lust at its very best. To indulge in ecstatic lovemaking, we must let go of our worries. We must be present with our lover. When we release our anxieties and concerns, we become intimate emotionally and physically. Sex is the main conduit for love.

We like to think that our love for our children, family and friends is not conditional. We consider it our duty to care for family and friends. Sex should never be a duty, but it could be emphasized a little more and more often!

Sexual enthusiasm is a good thing. We who are genuine enthusiasts should band together and collectively demonstrate for sex. Public celebrations of pleasure would facilitate more and better sex for the masses.

Unless we want George Orwell’s 1984 to become a reality, we must be diligent in our use of sex-positive words. Too many words about sex are negative. In my humor book with cartoons, Sex from Aah to Zipper: A Delightful Glossary of Love, Lust and Laughter, I redefine sex in a positive and playful manner. We don’t have to choose negative words to describe healthy and fun sex.

If we are playful, the stars are more likely to align. Rather than conforming to conservative views about sex, we are free to use our erotic imaginations to encourage eroticism as a more fun pastime than our obsession with work. When we are old, we will regret not spending more time with leisure, including sexual leisure. We won’t wish that we had worked more.

More stars will align for pleasure if we put work and children in the back seat more often–so we can immerse ourselves in intimate lovemaking. This does not mean we should neglect children or work, but we can strive for more balance so that leisure gets more support.

Every couple has to prioritize sex if they are going to have any. If cell phones, texting, television and computers are #1, then sex may not even be aligned as #3 or #4. Technology interferes with intimacy. For the stars to align, turn off all of these devices. Then you can focus on your hideaway of erotic love.

All the stars have to align for those who are a bit anal retentive and obsessive. A noise or a slightly sore back or a task that “has” to be done messes up the alignment for pleasure. Bad breath or body odor, sleepiness and being tired may deep six a sexual overture. Why not wash, use mouthwash and find something to laugh about to get everyone in the mood (typically two people!).

The stars do not align if one or both have other priorities, whether working out, cleaning the house or taking care of the dog. Sex should be rated higher for many couples.

If the stars don’t align, the sky may fall. Some need a constellation of stars to perfectly align before they will consider a sex-making session. Others are not picky. They only need a few stars aligned—they don’t sweat the small stars!

Once the stars are aligned, the entire focus is on succulent, tempestuous sexual adventure. Lovers are then lost in the throes of sheer playful lust and passionate emotion. If we wait for perfect alignment, we miss out on stupendous sex. Sex need not be perfect. Sex is messy if it is good.

All we need is some moonlight over our eager bodies as we take in the visual along with the sounds of great sex and the touches, smells and tastes. When our senses are in tune, the stars are aligned for a synergistic indulgence in all that sexual intimacy can possibly offer.