Our society is becoming more repressed about sex. Censorship is more common, which affects basic sex education and sexual freedom. There are constant efforts to censor explicit sex and pornography on the Internet.

In a cross-cultural study I found that the more you repress sex, the more frustration, aggression and violence you get. The lack of openness and accurate information about sex leads to destructive behavior such as rape and sexual aggression. We still lack a national sex education program in the public schools. In countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Holland, there is less sexual repression and less violence because they have accurate, comprehensive sex education.

Censoring and banning books and the Internet is not a healthy trend. Librarians and teachers are constantly faced with censorship. Censorship is based on ignorance. We cannot be sexually healthy without an open approach to discussing sex.

The Internet is a source of accurate information and misinformation. Sites such as No Fap and Reboot Nation preach that people should avoid masturbation—hardly sound advice. Masturbation is normal, healthy behavior. As Woody Allen said, at least it is with someone you love! Self-love is basic to loving others.

Preaching against masturbation by non-professionals should not be taken seriously. These so-called recovery sites are based in the false notion that people who look at porn and masturbate are porn or sex addicts. None of this is true. There is no diagnosis for sex or porn addiction in any of the manuals that sex therapists use to diagnose a sexual problem. This is because this approach is not empirically justified. Some media and websites argue against masturbation and premarital sex from a moralistic stance.

The mind is our main sex organ. It sends signals to our genitals through erotic fantasies. Repressed politicians and some parents constantly attempt to censor minds about sexual pleasure. Once teenagers and adults realize they are being misled with misinformation about sex, they of course resent those who try to censor sex.

It is not just the mind that is subject to sexual censorship. In Missouri the legislature enacted a new dress code that requires women to cover their arms to be processional! This sounds like the Victorians who wrapped sofa and chair legs out of fear they would arouse men! Our society is way to restrictive and unhealthy about sexual images and behaviors.

Choice about abortion is another example of sexual repression of the mind and body. No government should impose moralistic laws on women. We could not have sexual freedom without openness and without birth control and abortion.

Pleasure is the main conduit for love. When we censor pleasurable thoughts and fantasies, we repress actual sexual pleasure. We need freedom from religion, not just of religion. The law has been too influenced by rigid religions which preach against sexual pleasure. Laws should protect our freedoms. Instead, far too many laws restrict our right to pleasure. Sex is not a privilege—it is a basic right.

Sex therapists who are certified by AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) are prepared to help clients rid themselves of repressive and inaccurate thoughts and behaviors. There is no place for disinformation about sex. We cannot become a sexually healthy society without sound evidence-based depictions of sexual connection and pleasure.

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