Treat Prostate Issues With Prostate Therapy

prostateMen who are struggling with prostate issues can face what seem like insurmountable challenges on a number of fronts.

ED is a very common problem in the aftermath of prostate treatment or prostate surgery. In some cases, men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer will require one of several surgeries or treatments. Each surgery or treatment requires subsequent rehabilitation, and counseling plays a helpful role in understanding what has changed and how a man can regain the strength and stamina to engage in sexual activity.

Some prostate procedures can have little to no impact on a man’s sex life, while others are more intrusive, and require mental, physical and relationship adjustments. Sometimes a man is unable to ejaculate, or the ejaculate occurs differently, such as into the bladder. These post-operative prostate patients can usually be helped to have the same orgasms as aways, only ones that do not require ejaculation.

In some cases, a prosthesis device is surgically implanted in the penis, so the man can trigger a reservoir of saline solution to assist in producing an erection. While sex following prostate issues such as cancer may not be what it was, partners can still enjoy sexual intimacy in many cases. 

Dr. Libby also works with and receives referrals from urologists who deal with prostate cancer and with prostate surgeries and treatments. His approach is a team approach, where physicians work with therapist and patient to fully and sensitively help each man and his partner so they can still be sexual.