It is a good thing that marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado. Existing research reveals that one-half to three-fourths of users believe sex goes better with pot. Desire, arousal and orgasms are enhanced by some who use pot. However, using pot heavily can lower testosterone, especially for men. Moderate use does not appear to have this negative effect.

Sativa varieties are particularly conducive to a euphoric sex life. Pot relaxes and makes us feel closer and more intimate and lusty. Combined with erotic fantasies that are made explicitly clear to a lover or lovers, pot helps many imagine erotic acts, and it facilitates the courage to share and act on the very fantasies that ignite passion.

In my sex therapy practice, I find that sativa varieties are often additional igniters of lust. Those who have had problems having orgasm, or getting aroused, or even feeling strong desire, are surprised to find that pot can make sex even better.

Sexual enthusiasts are often high on life in other ways, so why would weed be an exception? The overall joyful and peaceful feeling that pot gives us encourages more sensual touch and escalating lust. Lust is a wonderful word. In my humor book, Sex from Aah to Zipper: A Delightful Glossary of Love, lust and Laughter (at Amazon), I define lust as “Positive, uninhibited arousal caused by wanton fantasies, fondling and lack of immediate gratification.” Neglecting playful lust would be a real shame!

We are more playful and we laugh and giggle more when we make love while high—even if we are alone at the time! In such an instance, we may be lonely and feel despair at the top because no one is on the bottom. Woody Allen said that at least masturbation occurs with someone we love!

James Thurber and E.B. White refer to love as a “pleasant confusion,” a probable reference to sometimes irrational behavior. Love is grand on its own, but for some love goes better with pot. We may feel more intensely and trust without worry or regret. This does not mean that pot does not make some feel paranoid or depressed, but for most, imaginative, joyful and hedonistic minds spark undulating pleasures for one or more.

I created National Orgasm Week in the early 1980’s during Spring Break in Daytona Beach. Partiers were often using alcohol and pot, but unless the amount of alcohol is very low, sex was more satisfying with pot and someone you had hot chemistry with. You have to sniff plenty of partiers to come up with riveting and irresistible chemistry. They probably should have called Spring Break “Dogs in Heat.”

Public celebrations of eroticism encourage sexual pleasure. If preachers can use their pulpits to shame congregations about sex and pot, why shouldn’t sexual enthusiasts create their own pulpits of desire, delicious arousal and delirious orgasms?

I would like to restart National Orgasm Week (a week that some women have since claimed as theirs, but I started it all). It is the first week of Spring, to start Spring with a bang. Basically, I want to help start the next Sexual Revolution. I was immersed in pleasure during the Sexual Revolution that peaked from 1973 to 1975, and it is high time (get it?!) to bring on the next revolution.

Sex and pot are healthy pleasures for people of all ages. In many ways, sex and pot unify the generations with the common purpose to spread erotic euphoria as the conduit for love. As long as lovers are on the same page with sex and pot, they both stand (or enjoy other positions!) to gain by relaxing and transmitting pleasure with someone they love.

Technological orgasms with a trusty vibrator may also seem deeper and longer with pot. But don’t overuse your vibrator, as overstimulation may make it more difficult to orgasm in other ways. Just as you have a designated driver who is not under the influence of alcohol or much pot, wouldn’t it be cool to design and implement a vibrator that plugs into a cigarette lighter for languishing, long trips.

Time and a lot of experimentation will tell more about the relationship between sex and pot. We would have to distinguish between pot varieties and modalities of delivery in the form of smoking, vaporizing or eating or drinking marijuana and its derivatives.

Happy Orgasms!