Sexual pleasure has been limited by Supreme Court and legislative mandates nationally and state-wide. Women’s right to choose with their own bodies, the lack of separation of church and state and the right-wing shift in the Supreme Court combine to limit sexual freedom. This is not a good thing.

The right to privacy is being severely threatened by courts and legislatures. This is a serious issue. Same-sex marriage, contraception and oral sex may become legal targets in the unhealthy atmosphere of fear and repression evident in America today.

Add to this that the right to federally standardized and fair elections is under review legally, and we may well witness another civil war. I do not say this lightly. It is as if we have two nationals, not one. Donald Trump did much to limit our freedoms. He chose three Supreme Court justices who seem hellbent on ruining democracy, leaving us with a theocracy.

Minorities cannot rule forever. There will be a rising up in some form. I hope it does not involve violence, but it may. It is likely that if we have fair elections, that November may change things. There already are huge amounts of money raised for democrats since the recent fiasco decisions by the highest court.

When I gave my TED Talk on “We Need a Sex Positive Revolution” (see my TED Talk on the bottom of my home page), I imagined that a new sexual revolution would soon occur. That was in 2016. There still is no new revolution, but through all of the social and sexual chaos in our country, it may still occur. I hope it is not just part of a civil war.

I am not an alarmist. I am a realist and I am rational. This is a dark time in our history with the way we deal with sex.  Sex negative policies and laws have polluted education and media depictions. There has been so much attention on sexual problems that few say much about the joys of healthy sex. There has been needed attention to mutual consent for sex, but there is no balance so that sexual joy and enthusiasm for pleasure and orgasms get equal attention.

As a sex therapist and couples’ counselor, I help clients who have been limited in their education about what it takes to have joyful sexual relationships and experiences. I see the destruction caused by rigid religion, poorly written laws and the lack of comprehensive, evidence-based sex education in our schools. I worry that sex negative attitudes are becoming more and more destructive to a sex positive citizenry.

Since I am the one who developed the concept “sex positive” in 1976, I am concerned about the sex negative atmosphere we currently experience. As a pioneer sexologist I have studied sex in history and across cultures, and I am terrified about the prospect of more sexual censorship of mind and body. I am worried about our first amendment rights going away.

Sexual shame and guilt and resulting erotic limitations need to be exchanged for tantalizing and tempestuous sexual enthusiasm without condemnation. It behooves us to get beyond the chains of puritanism and Victorianism to a healthy enjoyment of mutually desired sexual intimacy. There is nothing good about shame and guilt. These destructive approaches must be replaced with collective open encouragement of responsible and scintillating eroticism.

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