There is always a need for more definitive research on pheromones, but it is fairly clear to most people that when you are drawn to someone’s natural smells (not perfumes and colognes), it is because these smells attract and turn you on.

Pheromones are extremely strong substances which give off an irresistible and not totally conscious scent that spontaneously attracts us to particular others. Animals have pheromones too. Watch dogs sniff each other! Those whose ravenous pheromones lock into each other usually don’t resist acting on their highly charged arousal.

We cannot control whose pheromones turn us on, but can control what we do about our craving. If the person is not a great idea (such as someone who might land you in jail), you can simply leave the area. Or, you can listen to the chemical message and act on your desire for that person with unrestrained gusto.

Even our conscious sense of smell is a powerful attractant when the smell is just right. Using perfumes, colognes and scented deodorants covers up conscious and unconscious scents which would otherwise engulf you.

It is rare when there is strong chemistry, and when it overpowers you (say you are at a party and a stranger turns you on), it is always mutual. Raging pheromones are as rare as steak tartare and should be celebrated just as passionately. Some never find such strong chemistry, while others with lots of dating experience may find a few partners with magical electricity.

The smells are held in the hair in your body. Studies have shown that women who have strong chemistry with a lover wear the lover’s T-shirts! Unfortunately, many married couples have marginal chemistry, which makes lust less a part of their intimate lives. You cannot have passion without both love and lust.

You have to sniff a lot of people to find strong chemistry. This is why my petting zoo parties have been so popular. People dress up as their favorite party animal and make out and pet at a nightclub, and they know right away if there is strong chemistry! Many leave together! In most social environments, it is not proper to sniff others, but at a party intended for such an activity, it is proper and fun!

I am convinced that highly orgasmic couples have strong chemistry. It is like a glue that cements two people to pure mutual pleasure and ecstasy. There can be no greater sexual draw than undulating bodies uniting for pure lust because of mutual chemistry. When you experience stupendous chemistry and great sex, you remember that lover’s enticing smells years and years later. It would be great if all who have strong chemistry also have the basis for an ongoing relationship, but this is not always true.

When someone exclaims “I have a nose for you!” you need to sniff and see if you feel the same way. A quick pre-sex discussion may be in order!