“Libby’s Links” is the name we’ve given to this very special collection of shared “Community Resources.” We hope you will use them to explore the world of Sex Positive mental and physical health. To link to this Website, please visit my “Add a Libby Link” page.


Bergner, Daniel. What Do Women Want?

Corwin, Glenda. Sexual Intimacy for Women: A Guide for Same-Sex Couples

Foley, Sallie. Sex Matters for Women.

Klein, Marty. Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want from Sex and How to Get It.

Klein, Marty. America’s War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty.

Ley, David. The Myth of Sex Addiction.

Libby, Roger. The Naked Truth About Sex: A Guide to Intelligent Sexual Choices for Teenagers and Twentysomethings.

Libby, Roger. Sex from Aah to Zipper: A Delightful Glossary of Love, Lust and Laughter (Illustrated with Cartoons).

Perel, Esther. Mating in Captivity.

Ryan, Christopher and Cacilda Jetha, Sex at Dawn.

Zilbergeld, Bernie. Sex and Love at Midlife: It’s Better Than Ever.

Sexology Associations

AASECT, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. www.AASECT.org

American Academy of Clinical Sexologists. www.esextherapy.com

American Board of Sexology. www.AmericanBoardofSexology.com

American College of Sexologists.  www.AmericanCollegeofSexologists.org

International Academy of Sex Research. www.IASR.org

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. www.SexScience.org

Colleagues I Admire

Dr. Stephanie Buehler, sex therapist, TheBuehlerInstitute.com

Dr. Neil Cannon, sex therapist in Denver. www.DrCannon.com

Dr. Mickey Diamond, professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii

Sallie Foley, sex therapist and Director of University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Certificate Program, www.SallieFoley.com

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, urologist, The Institute for Sexual Medicine, and Editor, Journal of Sexual Medicine, www.sandiegosexualmedicine.com

Dr. Doug Grier, urologist, Sound Urology, Edmonds, WA, www.soundurology.com

Dr. Ken Gross, endocrinologist, The Polyclinic, Seattle, www.Polyclinic.com

Dr. David Hersh, sex therapist, Centre for Sexual Wellness, Nelson, B.C., Canada

Dr. Paul Joannides, speaker, writer and sex researcher in Oregon, www.PaulJoannides.com

Dr. Judith Kimmelman, ob-gyn and clinical faculty member, U.W., Seattle ObGyn, www.seaobgyn.com

Dr. Marty Klein, sex therapist, author and speaker in California, www.MartyKlein.com and www.SexualIntelligence.org

Dr. James Kuan, urologist, Swedish Urology, Seattle, www.SwedishUrology.com

Dr. David Ley, clinical psychologist, researcher and author, Albuquerque, New Mexico, www.drdavidley.com

JJ Levy, sex therapist, Fort Collins, Colorado

Malloy, Mike, radio broadcaster.   MikeMalloy.com

Dr. Joseph Marquez, urologist, The Polyclinic, Seattle, WA, www.polyclinic.com

Dr. Tiffany McDermott, gynecologist, The Polyclinic, Seattle, WA, www.polyclinic.com

Perel, Esther, couples therapist, author and speaker, New York City, www.EstherPerel.com

Dr. Sandra Paulsen, trauma therapist (EMDR), speaker and author, Bainbridge Island, WA, www.bainbridgepsychology.com

Ricky Siegel, Co-Director at Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Institute, www.floridasextherapyinstitute.org

Michele Sugg, President of AASECT and a sex therapist in Connecticut. www.MicheleSugg.com

Dr. Thomas Walsh, Assistant Professor of Urology, and Director of Male Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, www.uwmedicine.org