I encourage responsible sexual enthusiasm with plenty of laughter! Although we live in a sex-negative society with oodles of moralizing, we can choose not to conform to such unnecessary restrictions on undulating lust.

Humor immediately spices up our sex lives! There is no reason to give in to doomsayers who shake their collective fingers at our endless playfulness and orgasmic delights.  We won’t be highly orgasmic unless we calculate sexual risks with common sense and free minds. We can limit risks without interfering with succulent pleasure.

Let’s get back to basics. Sex is fun, it’s clean and it’s healthy. Sex is not something to be ashamed and embarrassed about. There is no need to repress delicious sex. Sex is something to be enjoyed, relished, ravished and reveled in—a sheer jubilation!

Humor facilitates orgasms. We know that Big O’s are more than Cheerio Buffs on the loose at breakfast. As the French proclaim, “Vive la jouissance!” (literally, “long live the pleasure to come!”) The best sex happens when one (preferably two!) lovers laugh themselves into bed for orgasms galore.

When I work with couples and individuals with sexual problems, they almost invariably take themselves too seriously. They fail to see a cartoon character when they look in the mirror—a huge mistake. We all need to view ourselves as playful cartoon characters. We need to chase each other with squirt guns, throw cold water on each other in the shower, and generally play tricks on each other. Trick or treat will take on new meaning.

Humor gives us a balanced perspective to solve problems, and to enhance fun. If sex is a problem, it is because we make it into one. We have a choice to have fun and enjoy wild sex, or to limit our pleasure by trying to relive the past or worry about the future. The happiest people live in the pleasure of the present moment.

It is difficult to imagine uptight politicians actually reveling in sexual enthusiasm with humor. This is because they are too busy trying to limit everyone’s pleasure. We can choose to succumb to sexual repression, or to gyrate in unison with stupendous sex.

A sexual enthusiast is a perfectly normal, well-adjusted, healthy person with natural erotic desires who acts on them as often as possible. A real enthusiast is not a workaholic who mainly works and takes care of children. Instead, an enthusiast has balance, making time for leisure, hot dates and home deliveries for sex at lunch.

Webster contends an enthusiast is “ardently attached to a cause, object or pursuit.” He also claims enthusiasm is a “belief in special revelations of the holy spirit,” and “a strong excitement of feeling, something inspiring zeal and fervor.” Webster probably did not have orgasms in mind when he defined enthusiasm, but who knows? He may have been writing from a rare erotic fantasy!

Sexual enthusiast sure sounds like more fun than “sex addict.” As I indicated in a previous blog, the sexual addiction 12-step approach is ill-conceived and inaccurate as a way to help people who have lost their sense of sexual balance. I help couples fine-tune their sex lives so they can enthusiastically embrace provocative pleasure through imaginative and uninhibited love and lust-making.