Covid 19 has instilled fear in some, and caution in others. I know married couples who have stopped having sex because of the corona virus. You do not have to have sex to transmit the virus. Living together offers many ways to communicate the virus. So why not enjoy sex?

Risk has always been a consideration when we are sexual with anyone besides ourselves. Sexually transmitted infections have always been a risk, but most of us have sex in spite of risks. We protect ourselves and our partners by practicing safer sex, and by being tested for such diseases.

There is a risk from avoiding sexual intimacy with a partner. We can become awkward roommates with less closeness. Risks go both ways.

From my therapy practice, I have found that some couples have more sex because they are together more. They take sex breaks to ravish each other’s bodies and they go back to work from home or they return to the office after they arrange a home delivery of their hot bodies for scintillating lovemaking. Other couples experience more arguments—and less sex—and they feel less close because they are together as they stay home to avoid the coronavirus.

Masturbation is one way to avoid covid and other diseases. As Woody Allen proclaims, at least it is with someone you love! We need pleasure and orgasm to stave off stress and to celebrate orgasms. One can imagine having sex with a partner with masks, but this does not seem necessary or fulfilling. One can also imagine doing the reverse cowgirl position so you are not facing each other!

Being tested for covid is a good idea, but tests are not always available. There will most likely be a vaccine and effective treatments for those with the virus. Until then we can be cautious without being fearfully abstinent.

Fear is from distorted thoughts. Living life out of fear does not allow us to fully enjoy our lives. As a cognitive behavioral therapist and a sex therapist I help couples and individuals get rid of fear so they can live their lives out of rational thoughts and joyful experiences.

We can be sexual enthusiasts without fear if we use commonsense and an evidence-based approach to all diseases. It makes sense to calculate risks so we can lower risks as we continue to celebrate succulent sexual pleasure. We need to constantly factor in the risks from not immersing ourselves in sexual pleasure and sensual touching.

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