skin sweatI created National Orgasm Week in 1976 (the same year I created the term sex-positive!) as a way to emphasize the importance of orgasm and using commonsense about safer sex during Spring Break for college students. This fun-filled week has persisted, not just for college students, but for all sexual enthusiasts.

The first week of Spring (March 20-27) is National Orgasm Week. Over the years, this week has received considerable media coverage in university publications and the wire services. Pleasure-seekers have been known to wear pins exclaiming “I Came For National Orgasm Week!”

Orgasm is a wonderful genital sneeze that feels a lot better than the nasal variety. Orgasm is one or more peaks of desire taken to the max. The human orgasm is the homo sapiens equivalent of a pollen burst.

An Epicurean Delight, orgasms are the highest and best pleasure known to human beings. Stimulated by fantasies in conjunction with clever hands, talented tongues, hungry mouths and relentless hip action, lovers often moan and scream during this euphoric consciousness-raising state.

Orgasms reduce stress, help with pain, such as with arthritis, bolster the immune system, and are just plain healthy mentally and physically. Some can orgasm (yes orgasm is a verb as well as a noun!) from fantasies alone, while others need some physical stimulation too. Some have multiple orgasms, while others experience one orgasm.

Technically, no one “gives” another person an orgasm, but they make orgasms possible, and can enhance the odds of having orgasms. A person’s state of mind is extremely relevant here. If you have negative thoughts such as “I won’t have an orgasm” you probably will not. If you visualize orgasms, they are more likely. Fantasies are triggers to intense orgasms. Sharing and acting fantasies with a lover can help.

Those who frequently pleasure themselves are more prone to orgasms with others. This is quite true for women, but it is also true for men. Similarly, not drinking too much alcohol (which numbs the brain, which is our main sex organ) and staying away from medications that limit arousal also helps. For example, beta blockers are one of the worst medications for orgasm, as they limit arousal.

Exercise improves arousal, which facilitates orgasms. Sleep and diet are also important, and the time of day can affect orgasm potential. Certainly, plenty of foreplay (five-play!) makes orgasm more likely. Anything that enhances full arousal contributes to our orgasms.

Strong desire triggers arousal in most people, but both desire and arousal can be enhanced by some blends of marijuana with some lovers. Some prefer predominately Sativa, while others do better with Indica. I have noticed these effects in my sex therapy practice. I once saw a man who had not ejaculated in two years, and after I worked with his thoughts and fantasies, and after he used a small amount of Sativa marijuana, he ejaculated, and he did not then need the Sativa every time. Again, the mental state is critical to orgasm and ejaculation.

Orgasms are more probable when there is strong sexual chemistry between lovers. This is the pheromone attraction, which is based on how smells are picked up from the hair on the body. I have noticed this from my clinical experience. It is clear that we do not have equal chemistry with every lover we savor.

I help those who have never had an orgasm, and I encourage more profound orgasms too. For men, this shows up as delayed ejaculation, even though men can orgasm with or without ejaculation. The most intense orgasms usually occur during ejaculation in men.

Some women contend they have the most intense orgasms from clitoral stimulation, while others claim G-Spot orgasms with ejaculation are the most powerful. There are nerves that connect the G-Spot and the clitoris. The combined stimulation of the clitoris and the G-Spot can produce a blended orgasm from both sources of stimulation. Some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

National Orgasm Week is symbolic of the healthy emphasis we can place on our orgasms all year. Orgasms are not all that is important for lovemaking, but they certainly can add to the intense ecstasy of intimate pleasure!