In Memorium: Dr. Paul Gebhard, Kinsey Report Co-Author & Institute Director


Pioneers in Sex Research: Dr. Alfred Kinsey (left) with Dr. Paul Gebhard My colleague Dr. Paul Gebhard died recently at age 98. He was an unassuming, Harvard University anthropologist hired by Alfred Kinsey to conduct groundbreaking research for the Kinsey Report volume that became a bestseller in 1953. After Dr. Kinsey died in 1956, Gebhard served as director of the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University until 1982. He helped shape what the Institute is today. Other books authored by Gebhard include Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion in 1958 and Sex Offenders in 1965. Gebhard was an original [...]

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What Kind of Therapist Solves Sexual Problems?


Those with sexual problems often do not know where to turn for help. Some go to a marriage counselor, a sex addiction counselor or a general practitioner, but none of these counselors are well trained to solve significant sexual concerns. Others find a board-certified sex therapist, which makes a lot more sense. Marriage counselors are often efficient at improving communication, but most have very little background in human sexuality and typically none in sexology. Since marriage is a sexual relationship, it is ironic that the training of marriage counselors is so remiss when it comes to sex. Marriage counselors and [...]

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How to Solve Sexual Problems


While it is true that some minor sexual problems can be solved by reading a book, most problems require a board certified sex therapist who works with appropriate doctors. Every sexual problem involves mental issues—changing thoughts to fix them—and many problems also include physical/medical causes. In addition, relationship issues are often critical to address. Every case is a puzzle to solve, with mental, physical, medical and relationship pieces. When a man has E.D., there are typically both physical/health pieces, and mental pieces in the puzzle. His performance anxiety may be caused in part from poor health habits such as lack of [...]

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Why More Counselors Should Refer to a Sex Therapist


Every therapist or counselor should be licensed, and should have a scope of practice that is made clear in any advertising, websites and listings. If the scope of practice is marriage and the family, or general mental health issues, counselors should refer out for sexual problems unless they also are board certified sex therapists. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Some therapists do not do their homework to help a client find a suitable sex therapist. Other counselors know of sex therapists, but decide they need the income, so they don't refer out—which is a huge ethical issue. I often [...]

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Cheating, Flings and Affairs


In America “cheating” is so loosely defined that I believe it is essentially meaningless. Is it a violation of an agreement? How many agreements are clearly spelled out and agreed upon—as opposed to merely being assumed? To some, cheating is looking at porn. To others, it is flirting or chatting with another person with sexual innuendo or overtures. To others, cheating is whatever scares them. Since sex can mean anything from love to pure lust, why do we assume there is only one acceptable meaning or motive? Why do we rigidly limit ourselves and our lovers in the name of love? [...]

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Who is a Real Sex Therapist?


When a person or a couple are searching for a qualified sex therapist to help them solve a sexual problem, a variety of counselors and therapists can be found on the web who claim they do sex therapy. How does the consumer know if a counselor really is a qualified sex therapist? A real sex therapist is board certified by at least one of four national boards. Typically, a therapist takes advanced courses to earn a Masters or a Ph.D., and they pass a board exam. Just as you would not want to go to a physician who is not board [...]

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