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Select an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist


If you have sexual and relationship problems, look up AASECT certified sex therapists in your area, and check out their websites to be sure your needs match their training and experience. Anyone calling themselves a sex therapist should be AASECT certified, or in the process of becoming AASECT certified. has listings of certified sex therapists for nearly every area. There are other certifications, but AASECT is by far the most rigorous and prestigious. If you look at Psychology Today’s listings for sex therapy, you will find far too many who call themselves sex therapists, when in reality they are [...]

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The Sexual Dependency Inventory – An Invalid Instrument?


The following is a guest post by David J. Ley PhD. 9/1/16 The below post was originally published on Psychology Today. However, IITAP, and the sex addiction gurus who profit from the SDI, threatened Psych Today and forced them to take it down. I don’t blame the editors at Psychology Today. Indeed, I had predicted this would happen, and wrote the editors in advance, to warn them that they should anticipate such threats. Unfortunately, groups such as Psychology Today are quite vulnerable to such threats, and the cost/time/energy required to defend themselves against claims of libel, defamation or other such legal [...]

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In Memorium: Dr. Paul Gebhard, Kinsey Report Co-Author & Institute Director


Pioneers in Sex Research: Dr. Alfred Kinsey (left) with Dr. Paul Gebhard My colleague Dr. Paul Gebhard died recently at age 98. He was an unassuming, Harvard University anthropologist hired by Alfred Kinsey to conduct groundbreaking research for the Kinsey Report volume that became a bestseller in 1953. After Dr. Kinsey died in 1956, Gebhard served as director of the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University until 1982. He helped shape what the Institute is today. Other books authored by Gebhard include Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion in 1958 and Sex Offenders in 1965. Gebhard was an original [...]

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