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Sexual Chemistry is Largely How We Smell


It is common to exclaim that physical attraction is the motivating factor for dating and having sex with a new person. Although how we look influences who we are attracted to, our unique smells in the hair in our bodies is the main attractant. The smells are called pheromones. All animals seem to have them.

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Whatever Happened to Sexual Enthusiasm?


The current problem-oriented atmosphere concerning sexual expression makes it difficult to develop joyful sexual encounters and relationships. Government is limiting access to birth control and abortion, and religious groups are determined to get rid of sexually explicit materials, calling them pornography.

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Excuses Not to Seek Sex Therapy Are Foolish!


It is much too common to hear one or both partners resist seeing a sex therapist and couples counselor. They claim their problem can be solved on their own (if this were true, why are they considering help?), and they resist with a litany of excuses. This is all foolishness! Sometimes one partner wants help, and the other resists. In these cases, the partner who cares the least controls the relationship—and the commitment to fixing the problem. One common excuse is we need the money for other things. I hear about buying an expensive stereo, a new car, a larger house [...]

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Select an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist


If you have sexual and relationship problems, look up AASECT certified sex therapists in your area, and check out their websites to be sure your needs match their training and experience. Anyone calling themselves a sex therapist should be AASECT certified, or in the process of becoming AASECT certified. has listings of certified sex therapists for nearly every area. There are other certifications, but AASECT is by far the most rigorous and prestigious. If you look at Psychology Today’s listings for sex therapy, you will find far too many who call themselves sex therapists, when in reality they are [...]

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What’s Funny About Sex Education? A Lot!


  I have always appreciated the healing power of humor in my practice, not just for things that ail us, but for relationships.  We have to be able to see the humor and laugh at ourselves, and with our partners, in certain situations. Sex is no exception. One of the great joys in my career was the chance to author a humor book called “Sex From Aah to Zipper: A Delightful Glossary of Love, Lust and Laughter,” that is available in paperback, and that you can read for free, in part, on this Website. I once had the opportunity to meet the very famous Woody [...]

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Go With the Flow for Better Sex & Marriage: Can you say “H2-Ohhhh?”


Where do we usually make love? In bed!?  We can be a lot more adventurous! I think we need to go somewhere near water—particularly running, streaming, undulating water like the ocean or a river in the mountains—so we can make love with the passion of the running water.  Any water—well, not a faucet—but any kind of running water is romantic and powerful and adds to the tempestuous nature of making love. When I chose the locations for my two offices, I put them both on the water. One is on Lake Washington, and the other one is in Poulsbo on an [...]

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How to Make Your Marriage/Relationship Happy in 2015!


T.V. personality Kelly Rippa claims she has a really happy marriage because they have lots of sex. There is some truth to this claim. When couples prioritize their sex life, they are emphasizing each other rather than work, children and other constant distractions from pleasure. This does not mean work and children are unimportant, but to view sex as something to sneak in between daily duties is to live your life out of obligation and duty rather than out of succulent desire.   As a board certified sex therapist and sexologist, I help couples put sex on top, instead of at [...]

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Washington State Marijuana, Now Legal, Enhances Sex


It is a good thing that marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado. Existing research reveals that one-half to three-fourths of users believe sex goes better with pot. Desire, arousal and orgasms are enhanced by some who use pot. However, using pot heavily can lower testosterone, especially for men. Moderate use does not appear to have this negative effect. Sativa varieties are particularly conducive to a euphoric sex life. Pot relaxes and makes us feel closer and more intimate and lusty. Combined with erotic fantasies that are made explicitly clear to a lover or lovers, pot helps many imagine erotic acts, [...]

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