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Dr. Roger Libby is a practicing Seattle Marriage Counselor, Couples Counselor and board-certified Sex Therapist with offices in both Seattle and Poulsbo, Washington.

Whatever Happened to Sexual Enthusiasm?


The current problem-oriented atmosphere concerning sexual expression makes it difficult to develop joyful sexual encounters and relationships. Government is limiting access to birth control and abortion, and religious groups are determined to get rid of sexually explicit materials, calling them pornography.

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Should I See a Sex Therapist or a Sex Coach?


An American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certified sex therapist and couples counselor is the most qualified to help you solve sexual problems and to fine-tune sex and relationship issues. Certified sex and intimacy coaches are trained to help with communication and fine-tuning, but they are sometimes trying to do sex therapy in the guise of sex coaching.

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Should I See A Couples Counselor or a Sex Therapist?


There is a lot of confusion about who is qualified to treat sexual problems and relationship problems. Those seeking help have to wade through Google and Psychology Today listings to try to find an appropriate therapist. Just because someone is given a green arrow by Psychology Today does not prove that the therapist is qualified at all.

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Flirtation or Harassment? Heightened Fears at the Water Cooler


Headlines abound with new information about Harvey Weinstein’s aggressive and exploitative violation of a woman’s right to self-determination, free will and probable criminal activities. The Weinstein story has rightly highlighted the abuse of power to exploit and rape women. We need look no further than Weinstein, Donald Trump and Bill Cosby to see glaring examples of sexism, groping, using and otherwise exploiting women. Although there are too many men who use and abuse women, there are far more nice guys who insist on clear mutual consent prior to any sex.

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Hugh Hefner and Playboy


Hugh Hefner’s Playboy was a major force igniting and defining the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Hefner was a major civil rights advocate. He was an advocate for LGTBQ rights and women’s right to choice, and he stridently and effectively combatted puritan prudishness and sexual hypocrisy. He opposed the double standard, and he emphasized the importance of privacy and our fundamental right to consensual eroticism.

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Sex Addiction is Not a Diagnosis (Radio Interview)


OMTimes Radio Interview Aired Thursday, 11 May 2017, 4:00 PM ET There is no proven support for either sex addiction or hypersexuality. These are phony concepts which are used in sex negative ways. This does not mean some people are not out of balance or OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder). CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) is the most effective way to deal with imbalances. Sex addiction clinics overcharge for a condition that does not exist. Both the DSM and AASECT have soundly rejected both concepts. Unfortunately AAMFT still supports these harmful concepts.

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Whatever Happened to Sexual Manners?


Call it sexual manners. Call it sexual etiquette. Sexual manners and etiquette are an important part of being gentlemen and gentlewomen. In modern life many lack manners in general, and this shows up with sexual overtures, encounters and relationships. People often do not return phone calls or keep appointments. They fail to follow through on commitments. This behavior is often dismissed with excuses such as “oh sorry, I was busy, and I did not have time to call you.” This does not wash. The entire matter of integrity—sexual and otherwise—is at stake. Are you a person with real integrity and [...]

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