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Dr. Roger Libby is a practicing Seattle Marriage Counselor, Couples Counselor and board-certified Sex Therapist with offices in both Seattle and Poulsbo, Washington.

Celebrating Your Sex Life with Caution—Not Fear!


Covid 19 has instilled fear in some, and caution in others. I know married couples who have stopped having sex because of the corona virus. You do not have to have sex to transmit the virus. Living together offers many ways to communicate the virus. So why not enjoy sex? Risk has always been a consideration when we are sexual with anyone besides ourselves. Sexually transmitted infections have always been a risk, but most of us have sex in spite of risks. We protect ourselves and our partners by practicing safer sex, and by being tested for such diseases. There is [...]

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Qualities that Define an Effective Sex Therapist


Actual personal sexual experience is not something you ask a potential therapist about, but if a person has little sexual experience, they cannot claim to know how to fully fix problems or superbly fine-tune a couple or an individual. We learn from graduate training, but even some training programs lack a broad brush to teach students about sexology and how to do sex therapy. Too often I hear about professors who teach that sex addiction is real. This is one example of incompetence and the lack of an evidence-based approach.

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Who is a Real Sex Expert?


If you look up Sex Therapy or Sexologist, you get a wide array of people calling themselves either of these terms or referring to themselves as a sex expert or a sex coach. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a sex therapist (unless you live in Florida). Florida has a license for sex therapy. This would be a great idea everywhere. It would help ferret out those who are not legitimate sex therapists or sexologists. There are far too many on the Internet who call themselves something they are not! It is critical to examine degrees and licenses, and also to peruse [...]

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Whatever Happened to Sexual Enthusiasm?


The current problem-oriented atmosphere concerning sexual expression makes it difficult to develop joyful sexual encounters and relationships. Government is limiting access to birth control and abortion, and religious groups are determined to get rid of sexually explicit materials, calling them pornography.

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Should I See a Sex Therapist or a Sex Coach?


An American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) certified sex therapist and couples counselor is the most qualified to help you solve sexual problems and to fine-tune sex and relationship issues. Certified sex and intimacy coaches are trained to help with communication and fine-tuning, but they are sometimes trying to do sex therapy in the guise of sex coaching.

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