I enjoy helping couples find their healthy, happy and enthusiastic sexual selves!

I am often asked how and why I became a sex therapist. This is a fair question because there is no one career path.  The truth is I decided to become a sex therapist on my parents’ advice: they told me to go into whatever I had a passion for, and was good at.

I didn’t have to think very long. It was sex and women, so I took graduate courses after being a high school English teacher. Later they exclaimed (in exasperation!): “We didn’t know you’d take us literally!”

As for my practice, I am a board certified sex therapist (clinical sexologist), who addresses the mind/body connection  utilizing cognitive/behavioral therapy as well as addressing physical and medical variables for problem solving.

I provide marriage and couples counseling and am a sex coach, a sex therapist (a specifically trained professional who guides, educates and coaches a couple or an individual so he/she/they can fine-tune their sex lives).

Readers and prospective patients can be assured that I am certified by four national boards as a clinical sexologist and a sex therapist. Many therapists who call themselves “sex therapists” are not bonafide sex therapists, but are instead licensed marriage and family counselors who claim to be sex therapists, but usually they are not board certified as sex therapists.

I believe that a healthy sex life incorporates humor, fun, honesty, and a balanced life. If you are interested in learning more, or having me work with you (or you and your partner) on experiencing an enthusiastic sex life and relationship, please contact me. I work in the Seattle area, and I also consult with people using Skype or the phone.