Problems With Your Relationship Or Sex Life?

Are you experiencing relationship issues? Has your sexual activity as a couple decreased over time? Perhaps one person has more desire than the other. Do you believe you may be developing what you believe to be a sexual addiction? Do you suffer from sexual issues such as dysfunction or pain during activity? Maybe you’ve been working so much you neglect the need for romance. Between working a job, raising children, or outside pressures, it can be difficult to find balance with your love life.

I spoke at TedxWWU and the topic was:

 “We Need a Sex Positive Revolution!” 

Therapy Can Benefit You

I pride myself on my years of experience and holistic methods. Analyzing both the mental and physical aspects of relationships is one of my main focuses. I work closely with doctors and physical therapists to help provide extra expertise. This is important as most therapists believe the aforementioned issues to be strictly mental. The fact is that it is vital to evaluate both the body and mind to benefit your relationship. Additionally, working with both people in the relationship is something I stress in my practice. I make it my priority to develop a specialized treatment plan for you and your significant other to help work through whatever issues you may be facing.

How to Choose a Sex Therapist

Many are confused about which sex therapist to choose. Credentials, experience and reviews count! The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) is the most widely known credentialing organization. AASECT has rigorous standards for those seeking to be credentialed as a sex therapist. It is essential that a person be credentialed by this organization. Some claim they are seeking this credential, but this does not mean they are yet qualified!  There are several other credentialing organizations, and they also lend some credibility to a sex therapist who has them.

Experience is essential. Those with more experience doing sex therapy are of course a better bet than those with little to no experience. Be particularly careful to check out a therapist’s credentials prior to seeing him or her. Many call themselves “sex therapists” who have little to no training or experience. Buyer beware! Without credentialing (not just a license), no one should call themselves a sex therapist. It is false advertising. Saying they specialize in sexual issues does not make them a real sex therapist. Some call themselves “non-traditional or professional” sex therapists, but this means nothing! Unless they are AASECT certified, they are not professional or legitimate sex therapists. Finally, “sex coaches” are not licensed or nearly as qualified to solve sexual issues or to fine tune sexual expression as a certified sex therapist. Those who have published about sex and sex therapy and who have conducted actual sex research are also more prepared to help you.

The most qualified sex therapists also have a thorough background in sexology–which is the study of sexuality. Even certified sex therapists sometimes lack a background in sexology. They may be marriage counselors, but they are not sexologists. Some organizations certify sexologists. One is The American College of Sexology.

Dr Libby is the most credentialed and experienced AASECT Certified Sex Therapist in the Northwest.

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